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GBLS Attorney Prevents Young Cambridge Family’s Eviction due to Public Housing Authority Accounting Error

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Shanice, the young mother of a 7-year-old and a 2-year-old, was shocked and frightened when she received notice from the Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) that within 48 hours an eviction moving truck would be at her door. CHA alleged Shanice owed back rent, and had not appeared in court on her scheduled date.  In fact Shanice had never received the initial summons and had been unaware of her court date. 

Cambridge and Somerville Legal Services Impact Advocacy

Currently, CASLS is involved in  the following legislative efforts at the state level seeking

  • passage of a state law to expand housing opportunities by creating a preference for homeless and/or those at imminent risk of homelessness in buildings financed by MassHousing and other quasi-government entities which hold a portfolio of over 30,000 residential units.
  • to amend the eviction storage bill to preserve homeless tenants’ right to have control over where  their belongings are being stored.


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