Coronavirus Asian Outreach Information

GBLS Services during the Coronavirus

Asian Outreach Legal Clinic

Chinese and Vietnamese Language Legal Clinics and More Resources to Maximize Your Income

Due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, Asian Outreach Unit has replaced our community-based legal clinics with telephone clinics. To schedule an appointment in Vietnamese or Chinese, call 617-603-1809 and leave your name, phone number, and a brief summary of what you need help with. We will call you back in Cantonese, Mandarin, or Vietnamese to set up a phone appointment during our legal clinic hours.

Click on the links for flyers in Chinese, Vietnamese, and English about our telephonic legal clinics for Asian American and immigrant communities: 

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If you speak Chinese or Vietnamese and need assistance applying for Unemployment Insurance (UI) or public benefits and are not able to access the online applications due to language barriers, call our community partners and we will call you back to help apply during the COVID-19 crisis period. 

For help applying for UI in Vietnamese, call VietAID: 617-822-3717, ext. 17.
For help applying for UI in Chinese, call Chinese Progressive Association: 617-433-8522.

Click on the links for more information about unemployment insurance and public benefits in Chinese, Vietnamese, and English during this public health crisis.

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If you are not eligible for public benefits or unemployment insurance, you may be eligible for other emergency relief funds, including the Asian Community Emergency Fund, which we have helped launch. Call the below numbers to check your eligibility. 

Cantonese/English: (617) 681-5416‬ 
Mandarin/English: (617) 902-0342
Khmer/English: (617) 952-4556 
Vietnamese/English: (617) 701-6028 

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If you are a small business owner and need more information about the Paycheck Protection Program to help pay your employees, check out our flyers with more information in English and Vietnamese.