Draconian state child care assistance leaves too many working poor with debt, advocates say

December 1, 2019
Greater Boston Legal Services is petitioning the state Department of Early Education to revise its child care fee schedule and its policy of terminating parents who fall behind on payments. “We know the second [a] child is terminated from early education, their life becomes exponentially more…

Somerville Activists Seek to Combat Rampant Wage Theft

November 20, 2019
"[GBLS fellow attorney Ben Traslavina], who has been helping craft the language that would essentially replace the existing ordinance, noted that while it's difficult to prosecute employers, cities and towns have power. 'We do have, as a municipality, the power to decide what businesses can work…

'My Family Will Fight': One Cambodian Refugee's Check-In With ICE

October 3, 2019
" ‘I start from nothing to something. I have a home, two pets, a car, and a family. The American dreams. Even though I'm living with fear, I'm still making it work for my family," [GBLS client Saray Im] said. ‘I can't give up.' " Please click here to read the WBUR story.

Asian American groups oppose Cambodian refugee deportations

September 28, 2019
" ‘In Massachusetts, the state with the nation’s second largest Cambodian community, at least 10 residents have received them' ", said Bethany Li, director of GBLS’ Asian Outreach Project. Please click here to read the Associated Press story.

GBLS releases a user-friendly eviction defense tool developed by our very own Quinten Steenhuis

August 1, 2019
In Massachusetts housing courts, less than 10% of tenants go to court with an attorney. For decades, Greater Boston Legal Services has offered legal clinics for tenants facing eviction. But the organization noticed those face-to-face meetings weren’t accessible to everyone. In 2017, Quinten…

Happy Lamb Hot Pot workers welcome wage complaint settlement

July 9, 2019
Represented by GBLS, fourteen former employees at Happy Lamb Hot Pot have settled their lawsuit, which sought hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages for wage theft and other illegal practices, against the restaurant. The former employees, including Chinese, Latino, and Thai workers, sued the…

GBLS sues to end energy supply scam

April 13, 2019
End the energy supply scam now Greater Boston Legal Services has filed a class-action lawsuit against SFE Energy Massachusetts (“SFE”) for allegedly using unfair and deceptive practices in their door-to-door sales to solicit and sign up Massachusetts families for their costly gas and electricity…

Protecting low-income tenants in the private rental market

March 22, 2019
"Each week, I meet with low-income Asian immigrants who come to our legal clinics in Chinatown to resolve legal issues. Legal issues with housing are among the most prevalent and pressing, particularly in light of widespread displacement and rising rent costs in immigrant neighborhoods including…

“The human toll…is unconscionable”; AG, GBLS, and others reach settlement with rehabilitation and nursing facilities

March 14, 2019
“Attorney General Maura Healey and senior care advocates [announced] settlements with Beaumont and six nursing care facilities that include fines and quality improvement directives after a statewide investigation discovered failings that led to injuries, and patient deaths. "The human toll that…

Kindergartners, 1st and 2nd graders will no longer be unlawfully suspended

November 16, 2018
Kindergartners, 1st and 2nd graders will no longer be unlawfully suspended: GBLS reaches settlement with Boston Public Schools. GBLS is happy to announce that on November 15, 2018 our clients and Boston Public Schools Interim Superintendent Laura Perille signed a settlement agreement wherein BPS…