Coronavirus Welfare Information

GBLS Services during the Coronavirus

Welfare Benefits 

For advice or help about DTA welfare benefits, you can reach our Welfare Law Unit directly in any of these ways:   

  1. Use our 1-page referral form.  Fill in whatever information you have and fax the form to (617) 249-1730 or email it to  
  2. Email us at with whatever information you have.  
  3. Call us at (617) 603-1806 to leave a voice mail message.   

We will call you or the person you refer from our cell phones, so please don’t block your phone from unfamiliar numbers until we reach you.  

DTA welfare benefits include: 

• TAFDC (cash for families with children & pregnant persons)  

• EAEDC (cash for individuals with disabilities and a few other categories)   

• SNAP (Food Stamps)