MADE: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can Use MADE?

MADE can be used by a tenant, an attorney, or an advocate or social worker who is helping a tenant. A helper can send the form to a tenant to sign remotely on their phone as part of the form-filling process.

Why should I use MADE? Do I need to file an Answer?

Filing an Answer and Discovery is optional. But filing may:

  • Give you a chance to tell your side of the story.
  • Help you understand important rights that will let you win your eviction case (stay in the home).
  • Give you a better chance of finding a lawyer who can help you in your case.
  • Give you an automatic, two-week continuance to get more information about the case from your landlord before you go to court the first time.

Can I Leave and Come Back to Finish the Form Later?

Yes. Create an account to save your progress.

How do I edit the Final Document?

MADE produces a draft document, but you can always edit it. On the final screen, find the text that says "Optional: Download a copy in Microsoft Word format to edit". You will get a ZIP file. Inside, you will find individual Microsoft Word documents for each form.