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You need to know

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To use this site

  • You need to be over 13 to use this site.
  • This site is for anyone 13 and over. For example: you can be the person who needs the help, a lawyer, or a social worker.
  • You may not sell the information or the contents of this site. But you can charge for your own time.
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Information we and others collect

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We keep your information safe

  • We use the same technology that banks and online stores use to keep your information safe. We use:
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Sharing your information

  • We never sell your information.
  • We share anonymous information with a small number of nonprofits and researchers. We use the information to improve our site and to improve free legal help in Massachusetts.
  • When you visit some pages of the site, the site may ask if you want to apply to get a free lawyer from legal aid. You get to decide if you want to share your personal information.
  • You may choose to email completed forms or share a link to your in-progress work at any time to any person.

These terms of use can change

We may change these Terms of Use at any time with no notice. Please review the terms on a regular basis to see any changes.

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The laws of Massachusetts apply to these Terms of Use

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